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5 Tips To Prepare Your Basement For Renovation With Waterproofing And Drainage Systems

5 May 2019
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If you are ready to start a renovation project in the basement, there is something that you need to consider first; the waterproofing. Your basement needs to have good waterproofing and drainage systems to protect against moisture and water damage problems. The following waterproofing and drainage improvements will help you prepare your basement for renovations: 1. Starting with Landscaping and Exterior Drainage to Keep Water Away The landscaping drainage around your home is one of the first areas where you will want to begin with improvements.
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3 Ways to Prevent Winter Mold

8 February 2019
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Most people think of mold only as a problem in warm environments or an issue that only needs worrying about in the summer. However, the cold weather of winter doesn't make a home immune to the potentially toxic and damaging effects of mold. Here is what you need to know to prevent mold in the winter. Don't Feed the Mold Mold needs warmth, it needs moisture, and it needs food in order to continue to grow.
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How Cracks In Polished Concrete Flooring Are Repaired So Your Floors Stay Beautiful

15 November 2018
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Polished concrete floors are a beautiful addition to your home, but like any other type of concrete, they can develop cracks as the concrete shrinks. Fortunately, concrete floor crack repair is easy; however, when the concrete is in your home, you want the repairs to be invisible. Here's how cracks in concrete flooring can be repaired. Match The Filler Color One problem with repairing cracks in sidewalks and driveways is that the repaired area is a different color and is noticeable.
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What To Do When You Have Water Damage But No Flood Insurance

4 October 2018
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Flood insurance is a piece of protection that every homeowner should have. With flood insurance, you can quickly move to have your home repaired, even if you don't personally have the funds to do so. However, limited income or a lack of information can leave a person unprotected. If you experienced water damage and your belongings aren't covered, you still have options. There are steps you can take to restore your home and make the recovery process easier even if you don't have the backing of an insurance company.
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3 Essential Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance Processes

29 August 2018
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Hydraulic machinery is utilized on a daily basis in many different industries. These pieces of equipment rely on the flow of hydraulic fluid to create the power required to function properly. A hydraulic cylinder is at the heart of any hydraulic system. If you want to keep your machinery running efficiently in the future, then you need to invest some time into essential maintenance processes that will keep each machine's hydraulic cylinder in good condition.
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